Software Services

Fortitude offers a complete suite of services so that your project will succeed from start to finish.  By providing both thought leadership and excellent technical expertise, Fortitude is able to drive, focus, and implement customer needs.  Our experienced and well trained staff has expertise in the following areas:

Software Engineering - Fortitude software engineers are extremely passionate about technology, learning, and delivering customer success in the following areas: 

  • Big Data
  • Data Analytics
  • Virtualized Network Infrastructure design, implementation, and management
  • Software System Architecture to include Microservices
  • Automated Software Testing and Deployment
  • Web Application Design and Development

Program Management - Fortitude's program management team ensures our customers' ability to succeed.  Fortitude has extensive experience in a variety of Agile methodologies and tools such as Scrum and Kanban.

Quality Assurance - Fortitude software quality assurance team provides a variety of automated testing solutions tailored to our customers' needs as well as innovative input into new capabilities and feature design.


Predominately designed and developed by Fortitude engineers, Blur is an open source search engine capable of querying massive amounts of structured data at incredible speeds. Rather than using the flat, document-like data model used by most search solutions, Blur allows you to build rich data models and search them in a relational manner similar to querying a relational database. Using Blur, you can get precise search results against terabytes or petabytes of data at Google-like speeds.